Because collective intelligence is always stronger than individuals when everyone sees how they can contribute to the whole…

Discover BeHave TEAM®

What we Think

Synergy is about transforming a group of people into a team that works together and can achieve much more than the sum of its parts. This means that each member contributes to the good of the team by helping it achieve its common work objectives.


An increasing number of companies are turning to collaborative work to innovate and differentiate themselves, which can lead to more conflict.


Therefore, it is very important to develop a strong and effective team synergy, especially as the massive use of teleworking since Covid has made this more difficult to achieve.

What we Do

BeHave TEAM® is a program that enables the group to understand the specific attitudes, behaviors and psychological needs of each of its members.

As a result, the team is better able to accept differences, and sees them as an opportunity to optimize its functioning and performance.

How it works ?

1 - Preparation & analysis

• Each group member completes a BeHave COMPASS® personality test.
• Tests are automatically processed by the BeHave TEAM® tool, which edits the team's color wheels.
• BeHave TEAM®-Building starts by understanding and analyzing your BeHave COMPASS® profile.

2 - Team wheels

Distribution of colors in the room.
The 3 wheels of the team:
• The BPS® wheel: the team's position under stress.
• The positive SETI® wheel: the team's positive dynamic position ("favorable environment" wheel).
• The negative SETI® wheel: the team's negative dynamic position: what the team is struggling to be.

3 - Case Studies

Case studies and practical exercises :
• What color do I need to consciously adopt to match my team's culture?
• How can I do it?
• What colors do I prefer, but are less popular with my team?
• What gifts can I bring to my team?
• How can I do it?

4 - Action Plan

Team action plan in 4 groups :
• The Methods group (Blue)
• The Trust group (Green)
• The Achievement group (Red)
• The Shared Vision group (Yellow)