Leadership Development

Because you know that the quality of your Management has a strong impact on the performance of your team.

Discover BeHave MODEL ACTS®.

What we Think

If we look at the major studies conducted on management,
the results are alarming !

Let's sum up the situation:


of employee engagement is determined by their interactions with their manager.


3 out of 4 employees don't leave their company, they leave their manager!


would like to spend more time with their manager.


4 out of 10 managers have never received any management training!

- 27%

In contrast, when it focuses on weaknesses, performance can drop by up to 27%!


When a manager identifies and amplifies the Talents and Strengths of his employees, company performance can improve by up to 37%!

More figures :

59% of managers think they listen to their employees, while 82% of employees think the opposite…
82% of employees are happy to receive feedback, both positive and negative, from their manager.
80% of managers have not received any training in the last 8 years.
When employees take more pleasure in their work, productivity increases by 31%. Happy employees are 2 times less sick, 6 times less absent from work, 9 times more loyal and 55% more creative.

What we Do

Because you need an empathetic and motivating management.

Because you need a management style that develops talent.

Because Management is the key to your organization’s performance…

We have designed :


The first certified, omni-channel program built entirely around “up to date” management principles, with methods and tools that are both pragmatic and effective.

BeHave MODEL ACTS® means : 

MOtivate, DEveLop, Amplify, Coach Talents and Strenghts.

This innovative program has received a 92/100 rating from the +1000 managers trained over the past 10 years.

How it works?


Each Manager completes the Management version of the BeHave COMPASS personality test.
Afterwards, each manager receives a personalized 2-hour debriefing.
This allows them to define areas in which they need to develop their talents.

Training program

1 face-to-face (or remote) session every 2 months for 8 months including :
• Morning: A Master-Class
• Afternoon: A co-development workshop to put the Master-Class topics into practice.

In between sessions

• A follow-up e-learning session
• A collaborative case study


Each module is designed to be fun, interactive and educational. You’ll find a virtual teacher to guide you, as well as countless movie extracts, documentaries, TED talks, games, exercises, role-plays and much more!