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What we Think

The challenge of relationships between healthcare professionals and patients
The healthcare professional must respect, understand and accept the patient’s difficulties of expression. It is designed to complement treatment, since its ultimate aim is to increase the patient’s autonomy.
What we've noticed

An almost total lack of training for healthcare professionals in soft skills.

Sometimes a natural difficulty in caring for others, which is never taken into account in student orientation.

But the main reason for this is the lack of practice, exchanges and role-playing with tools adapted to doctor-patient communication.

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BeHave INTERNATIONAL has been designing its own professional training programs focusing on Communication, Doctor-Patient Relations and Medical Team Management for over 20 years.

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We have trained more than 15,000 healthcare professionals and nursing staff

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We put at your disposal a team of certified consultant-trainers, all specialists in communication, personal development, the doctor-patient relationship and coaching.