What we Think

Today’s young people are encouraged to make career choices at an increasingly early age.
It’s often very difficult to find one’s way, especially when you don’t yet know your talents, motivations and ambitions.

This makes all those who can’t decide which career to pursue very anxious, as it’s a decision that will have an impact on their entire professional future.

The problem often lies in self-confidence and self-esteem:
“OK, sure, I want to work in software and application development. But can I really do it? And what guarantees do I have 10 years from now that I won’t regret this choice? And if that happens, how will I live with it?”

According to various surveys,
students will determine their career orientation according to 3 criteria:

compass, direction

Personal taste
for a job or an industry

Homme souriant


Femme levant les poings au ciel en signe de succès

to succeed


It has been proven that…

of working adults don't really know their talents!
1 %

And that after discovering their BeHave TALENTS® profile…

of these adults say they would have made a different career choice...
1 %

Students must be supported throughout their studies to gain a deeper understanding of their personalities, talents and motivations.

What we Do

We believe we have a mission and a duty to help students get to know themselves better so they can make the right choices.
This commitment takes the form of a high-value-added, low-cost offering.
The aim is to ensure that as many educational establishments and students as possible can benefit.
This means that all teaching organizations that have entered into a long-term partnership with us have access to all our resources (BeHave COMPASS / BeHave TALENTS personality tests and top consultants) at reduced prices.