Talents Management

Because few people know their Talents, and those who do make all the difference.

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To thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, it's not a question of being good at everything, but of being best in your natural talent area.
Bruno Attuil
Test founder

Do you know
your Talents and strengths ?

We surveyed 10,000 people over 15 years, and the results are very eloquent: Only 23% are able to name their Talents spontaneously and only 15% think they use them most of the time at work !
What explains these results?
By constantly highlighting our weaknesses and taking our Talents for granted, we fail to fully understand and develop them. Ironically, our strengths are the areas in which we perform best.

What we Think

When it comes to improving performance, our natural reflex is to focus on our weaknesses and correct them. However, as Peter Drucker pointed out:
“It takes a lot more energy to go from incompetence to mediocrity than it does to go from first-rate performance to excellence”.

What we Do

BeHave TALENTS® has a threefold mission:
Diamant brut de la mine. Représente le potentiel inexploité dans le Test de personnalité Behave Talents.

Reveal your potential

These are Talents that you use occasionally and that are just waiting
to be expressed.

Diamant traillé. Représente le Talent révélé dans le Test de personnalité Behave Talents.

Reveal your Talents

Each person is made up of a unique combination of Talents that are used to varying degrees.

Turn your Talents into strengths

Strength arises when Talent is perfected through the addition of knowledge and skills.

FAME Model
4 categories
25 Talents

5 ways
to develop & amplify
your Talents