Sales efficiency

Because in the face of competition, the best salespeople are those who make the difference in soft skills.

Discover the 10 BeHave KEYS® program

What we Think

Today’s customers are highly informed. They are increasingly demanding and rigorous in their choices.


In return, salespeople have to adapt even more. They must connect with the customer’s perception of their environment. They must also identify all the keys to winning their trust. Last but not least, they have to make the customer want to buy their offer.


The question is, which soft skills are companies looking for, which gives them a clear competitive advantage in the sales function?

Why should you choose the 10 BeHave KEYS® program ?

Because today, any search for sales efficiency must include the development of these soft-skills in your employees.

Solving complex problems


Critical thinking



Emotional Intelligence

Sense of service


What we Do

10 BeHave Keys® is the first omnichannel certification course designed to meet 3 objectives:

Soft Skills

Developing soft skills:
a prerequisite to sales efficiency


Give you access to a toolbox of proven communication
and sales organization techniques

Intensive training

Intensive training of participants
to ensure they master every tool and skill.

How it works ?

10 BeHave KEYS® means
5 different training channels

Selling profile

The BeHave COMPASS Selling version and its individual debriefing


3 x 2 days of face-to-face training
(or remote)

Intensive Training

10 intensive training workshops


10 e-learning programs

Personalized follow-up

Feedback from the field between sessions

The 10 BeHave KEYS® to successful Sales

Femme se regardant dans le miroir. Représente la connaissance de Soi apporté par le test de personnalité BeHave Compass.


Key N°1
Get to know yourself better to invest on your strengths


Key N°2
Act on the motivational factors that motivate you to change your habits

Femme cherchant à comprendre les besoins de ses clients en fonction de leur profil de personnalité BeHave Compass.


Key N° 3 :
success is 45% preparation, 50% effort and 5% Talent.


Key N° 4 :
Recognize the psychological profile of your audience to set objectives adapted to their personality


Key N° 5 :
Ask questions to discover customers’ real needs

Femme levant les poings au ciel en signe de réussite.


Key N° 6 :
Succeeding in your interview from the first 30 seconds


Key N° 7 :
The customer’s objection is a gift to build solutions through reformulation


Key N° 8 :
Assertiveness at all costs: maintaining a Win-Win relationship.

Homme tendant la main vers vous pour conclure un accord.


Key N° 9 :
Emotional communication: Arguing with impact


Key N° 10 :
Boost your customer’s decision-making process


Each module is designed to be fun, interactive and educational. You’ll find a virtual teacher to guide you, as well as countless movie extracts, documentaries, TED talks, games, exercises, role-plays and much more!

This innovative program has received a 91,5/100 rating from the +1000 managers trained over the past 10 years.